A Note from PHA Executive Director Tim Boland

Posted March 30th, 2020

A note to PHA members and friends:

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. We believe that in these uncertain times, community is more important than ever! The PHA staff and Board of Directors are all engaged in the good work of keeping the Arboretum vital and accessible to our Island visitors and keeping you engaged through online outreach.

A walk through the Arboretum this morning was beautiful, and it was heartwarming to see so many visitors taking in the blooming winterhazels (Corylopis) and the Dauricum azalea.

Left: Corylopsis pauciflora. Right: Rhododendron dauricum.

PHA employees are working on approved solitary shifts to look after our world-class collection of trees and shrubs, and our historic buildings and landscape. The staff are also working hard to develop a series of classes to keep your gardening minds engaged with the astounding beauty and miracle of this great green world!

In the weeks ahead, when visiting our grounds please continue to follow current advice that recommends keeping at least six feet from other individuals. For those new to the Arboretum, welcome! We ask that when visiting, you please not bring your pets as they can damage the collections that we work so hard to maintain.

Periodically, to address both landscape and building maintenance needs, the Arboretum will be temporarily closed for short periods of time. Thank you for your understanding.

As a plant science organization, we are committed to science and the critical role it plays in our lives. Today I would like to share with you the story of our co-founder and PHA benefactor, Dr. David Hamilton Smith. David and Polly Hill shared a commitment to the ideals of experimentation, discovery, and sharing. I hope you enjoy this short documentary courtesy of the Cedar Tree Foundation about a medical breakthrough that would save thousands of lives and play a role in the establishment of the Polly Hill Arboretum in 1998.

Click below to view:

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Tim Boland
Executive Director

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