Polly Hill Arboretum Plant Sale



The PHA plant sale is open daily 9:30am-4pm late May through mid October (except during special closures, which are posted on our calendar).

Choose from our selection of wildflowers, trees, shrubs, and perennials. These plants, many of which are Polly Hill introductions or Island natives, are chosen for their superior qualities and adaptability to our local climate.

Thank you to everyone who supports the Arboretum through our plant sale!

Native Plant Landscape Plugs

In addition to our in-person sale, we are now offering MV Wildtype native plants sold as plugs via online order, seasonally.

Want to fill meadow, woodland, or wildflower areas with beautiful native plants? Landscape plugs, grown in narrow sleeves with a long 5″ root depth, are an economical way to add native plant diversity! With their small size, they will quickly establish in your garden.

Native plants provide important food and habitat for local fauna and pollinators, and increase the ecological health of your neighborhood. They also add beauty, interest, and resilience to your home landscape.

Mix-and-match species, sold in sets of 3 plugs for $15.99. PHA staff will pack your plugs, ready for planting right away. Come pick up your plants at your selected date/time. PHA members receive a 10% discount on plugs.

PHA Virtual Plug Sale (June 6 – October 16) Plants will be available until sold out.


Plant information

Download a PDF of our publication, Plants Not Favored by Deer

Download a PDF of our Why Native Plants? display