PHA Dinosaur Trees

A returning self-guided, family-friendly exhibit this fall at the Arboretum: a special map will guide visitors to plants with origins in the Triassic, Jurassic, or Cretaceous periods within the Mesozoic Era. While dinosaurs went extinct, plants persisted. Check out ferns, the dawn redwood, monkey puzzle trees, gingko, and magnolia, which were all around at the time of the dinosaurs. Some plants have evolved, while others remain much the same as they were when dinosaurs munched on their leaves. Fossils, a timeline, and other interesting facts will be available at the PHA Visitor Center.


Arboretum Quest

The Arboretum has had its own quest in past years, and was at one time part of an Island-wide quest. Youth Educator Elliott Bennett recently revived this fun tradition with a fresh take. Designing a new Arboretum quest along with Education, Membership, and Outreach Coordinator Ann Quigley, Elliott has created an engaging way for kids and families to discover the unique plants of the Arboretum, bringing them to corners of the grounds they may never have explored, and providing fascinating plant facts along the way. Enjoy a safe outdoor activity with family and friends, pose next to the plaque you will find upon completing the quest, and if you want, share your success on social media and encourage others to try it out.


Arboretum admission is $5; Free for children 9 and under, and free for PHA members. The Arboretum grounds are open daily sunrise-sunset (excluding Wednesdays sunrise-4pm for the 2021 season). Please wear a mask inside buildings. Thank you!