Polly Hill Arboretum Plant Sale


Plant Sale 2016 (5) - Cropped

The Polly Hill Arboretum Visitor Center and Plant Sale opened for the season on Memorial Day weekend, and will remain open through Columbus Day. The plant sale is open during Visitor Center hours: 9:30-4pm daily through Columbus Day. Shop from a wide selection of trees, shrubs, and perennials available. These plants are chosen for their superior qualities and adaptability to our Island climate. 

Plant Availability List

For your convenience, abbreviations for plant category coding within the availability list are as follows:

MVW= MV Wildtype Program (grown from island-sourced seed or cuttings)

PHA= Plants grown from our collection at Polly Hill

NR= New releases and garden favorites

EX= Expedition (Plants grown from wild collected seed. These plants can come from all over the world!)

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Updated 8/2/19