This Book was a Tree

Title: This Book was a Treethis book was a tree

Date: Tuesday, July 29


Description: Join author Marcie Cuff for this fun, interactive talk based on her book, This Book Was a Tree: Ideas, Adventures, and Inspiration for Rediscovering the Natural World. Cuff, concerned about our disconnect with the natural world, wanted to offer people a way to become reacquainted with the Earth—to look at the world with fresh eyes. With a mix of science and hands-on crafts she shows us a fresh, creative way to reconnect to the natural world. She will also lead the group in a seedbomb project. These handmade fistfuls of compacted clay, compost and native perennial wildflower seeds are rolled up, dried, and “bombed” grenade-style into barren spots in your yard or neighborhood. Book signing to follow.

$5/free for PHA members and children under 12.