Preserving Native Plant Knowledge for Their Future

Title: Preserving Native Plant Knowledge for Their Futureancestral-plants-front-cover

Date: Saturday, June 8


Description: Join author, plant taxonomist, and teacher Arthur Haines as he makes a case for preservation of native plants through use. Learn about the wide-range of useful plants that grow wild in New England, and how they can be used to nourish, heal, and craft. Haines argues that the waning use of wild plants is correlated with a decline in health of our bodies and our local landscapes. Through foraging, wildcrafting, and medicinal use we become more connected with the wild world, creating a bond that supports preservation of these native plants and their habitats. A book signing of his Ancestral Plants will follow.This talks serves as an introduction to his foraging walk Sunday, June 9.

$20/$10 for PHA members