Historic Insights to the Vineyard’s Future: Henry Whiting and the Map of 1850

Title: Historic Insights to the Vineyard’s Future: Henry Whiting and the Map of 18501850 Map - Final_reduced

Date:  Thursday, July 7

7:30pm at the MV Agricultural Hall, West Tisbury

Description: The landscape of Martha’s Vineyard—the shape of its coastline, the pattern of its forests, fields, and moorlands, the distribution of its roads, houses, villages, and stone walls—is a product of its past. To interpret the Vineyard today and anticipate future changes, we need to understand that history. Among the best tools available is a map from 1850 created by Henry Whiting, a distinguished topographer with the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey and co-founder of the MV Agricultural Society. In this talk Dr. David R. Foster, director of the Harvard Forest and PHA research associate, will illuminate the history of the Vineyard landscape, the origins of the 1850 map, and its significance today. No fee, co-sponsored by the MV Agricultural Society.

Copies of this map are available at the Polly Hill Visitor Center or may be purchased by calling the Arboretum.  All proceeds from map sales benefit the Arboretum’s research fun to support the development of a modern flora for Martha’s Vineyard and research in plant conservation and forest ecology.

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Maps: $35 at Polly Hill

Phone order Maps: $35 plus $4.95 shipping and handling charge

Maps also available at Bunch of Grapes, Granary Gallery, and Martha’s Vineyard Museum