Eradicating Invasive Plants

Title: Eradicating Invasive PlantsInvasive plants book

Date: Thursday, July 10

10 – 11:30am


Invasive plants — like Japanese knotweed, bittersweet, and  ragweed,  — are a growing threat to our home landscapes, affecting native plants and wildlife. And they don’t go away on their own. Luckily, How to Eradicate Invasive Plants offers clear, easy-to-use solutions to these problem plants. Join author Teri Dunn Chace to learn how to recognize the invasive plant and some eradication options — from simple, organic approaches to the safest and most responsible ways to use chemicals. This comprehensive guide includes all types of invasive plants: water and bog plants; annuals, biennials, and tropical perennials; herbaceous perennials; grasses and bamboos; and vines, shrubs, and trees.  PHA staff will also describe some methods used on our grounds.

$10/$5 for PHA members


Sponsored by Middletown Nursery