Native Seeds: Science, Collection and Cultivation

October 19, 2019 @ 9:00 am
$40 ($25 for PHA members). Space is limited. Please pre-register.

This half-day workshop will begin at 9am and end between noon-1pm. 

Seeds are a remarkable product of evolution; they provide a means for plants to travel great distances and cope with extreme climates. Seeds play a critical role in most food webs, and human existence relies upon them. This workshop with PHA Curator Todd Rounsaville will provide an overview of seeds including their evolution, functional diversity, and types of dormancy. We will cover how these traits lend themselves to cultivation. Fall is a perfect time to study seeds, and the workshop will include a guided tour of the grounds to collect seed, and hands-on instruction for cleaning and storing seeds in order to break dormancy.

Participants will leave with seeds from many unique plants, with a focus on native wildflowers and trees.

$40 ($25 for PHA members). Space is limited. Please pre-register.