Arboretum Facility Use Policy

The Arboretum maintains a strict policy of allowing only events and/or groups that directly relate to our institutional mission to use our facilities. Groups are welcome to use our picnic facilities on-site but are encouraged to notify PHA staff when arriving with 20 or more guests. We ask groups to take any trash generated by their event off-site with them to eliminate undue costs to the Arboretum.

The Far Barn (circa 1855) serves the principle function as our education and event facility. Because of its historic significance to the Arboretum we limit its use strictly to functions within the PHA mission. It is not available for outside parties, weddings or as a rent to use facility.

We regret not being able to offer it to other not-for-profits but must do so to protect and preserve the structure, and also limit our liability from outside user groups as detailed in our institutional commercial insurance policy.

The mission of the Polly Hill Arboretum is to perpetuate the experimental tradition in horticulture established by Polly Hill by sharing knowledge of plants and scientific procedure through educational programs, research, plant conservation, and exploration. The Arboretum seeks to preserve its meadows and woodlands, to promote an understanding of its collections, and to encourage their utilization for scholarship, observation, and the enjoyment of all.